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Charcuterie boxes

Our new beautifully hand crafted boxes create more options for our customers. We are more than just candy with these boxes and you will see why. Whether your more in the mood for sweets or you need something a little more rich and savoury we can now give you both.

Candy Kabobs

Everything is better on a stick and nothing could be more true than with candy! Our kabobs have a variety of candy that we have in stock at the time so you never know what you’ll get. Sweet, sour and everything in between.


Candy bags

A big hit with our customers, and a highly recommended option. We offer two styles of bags, the classics and gourmet. Our stock will change regularly to keep things fresh and new, so buy your favourites before they sell out. If you have an extra strong sweet tooth (we sure do) we've got a trio option.

Candy boxes

We have a few different options for our candy boxes. First our Darling box which will include a variety of our packaged candy. We also have our retro candy box will have all your childhood favourites. Lastly we have our monthly box which will feature a holiday theme depending on the month.


Candy Charcuterie board

YES!! Charcuterie board. The much anticipated and new option is everything a sweet tooth enthusiast is looking for! Try it for yourself and find out why we just can’t stop raving about our delicious selection of sweets.


Coming soon

Coming Soon

Locally Made Charcuterie Boards

New to our website are these custom charcuterie boards made locally. You can ditch the box and enjoy your goods on one of these beautifully made boards.



Pick up:  Mon-Fri 9-6pm & Sat-Sun 10-2pm 

              (please allow 48 hours for charcuterie box assembly or contact us via email if you need a rush order )

Delivery:  Okotoks & South Calgary Wed - Sat 6- 8pm Sat-Sun 10-3pm (free delivery)

​                 North Calgary Wed-Sat 6-8pm (14$ fee on all orders ) 



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