Meet Becca

Hey guys,

I'm the face behind all the delicious charcuterie & candy posts. A little about myself, I am a proud wife and mother of three "darling" little girls. I was born in Peru and adopted (it's an exciting story but that's for another time) then raised in Calgary for 30+ years so I consider myself very Calgarian ha ha. I was blessed with two of my biggest fans and supporters I could ever ask for. My parents have always nurtured my love for art and design from a young age and for that I'm so grateful. I attended a fine art school early on which I believe was my stepping stone towards my creativity. Currently I have one of the most rewarding jobs as a stay at home mom so my job description is... momming and fuel'd by coffee DAILY. In my down time you can find me crafting, sketching, decorating and reading. Lastly my nights typically end in a glass of wine or a cup of tea anddddd a two bite brownie if I can find one or two ha ha.

I started my company back in 2015 just after I had my first daughter. So as you can imagine between having my three girls and working full time I've had to put a halt to my business on more than one occasion. Recently I've made the decision to make this my full time job and keep the momentum going so woooohooooo for that! I feel so lucky to have been able to expand this business and find something that I feel so passionate about and find so much joy doing. I hope you follow me through this journey and can't wait to see what the future holds.

Let's get at it!


Our story

We strives to deliver the freshest candies and treats to satisfy your sugary appetite.
The story behind the new name is the foundation of why I do what I do. My three beautiful "darling" daughters, who not only enjoy watching me get creative but also equally enjoy the leftovers. 

I first started operating in 2015, focusing mainly on candy bar set ups and rental decor. Over time there were plans and ideas for the companies growth but it was always put off. That being said there is no time like the present to update our look and expand the services. We will continue to do our set ups and rentals when it’s permitted to do so but in the mean time we are forging ahead. I'm excited for this new adventure and hope you enjoy what we have in store as much as I do.